Year of the nurse - Joan Pons Laplana

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

2020 is supposed to be the year of the Nurse it feels that COVID has ruined all the celebrations planed. Covid is like the uninvited guest that has ruined everything and has taken the limelight from Nurses. But has it really?

I think that COVID has given a tremendous opportunity for Nursing. It has brought the opportunity to showcase to the entire world what Nursing in the 21st century is, an exciting and versatile profession.

COVID has put Nursing in every TV and newspaper on the planet. Country after country has praised the role of Nursing. Millions of people have come out on the streets to clap and show solidarity towards us. Nursing has become a global phenomenon.

This is the opportunity that we have been waiting as a profession for years. COVID is the platform we needed to modernise the image of Nursing and we need to take advantage of this opportunity to come out of the shadows and take it to the next level. I believe that the ICN will play a vital role in that future. The ICN will be the global voice of Nursing and as a nation I find unacceptable that the British voice is not represented on the ICN table.

Nursing has suffered from laryngitis for a long time, but finally we have found our voice and COVID has given the opportunity to ROAR. Now is the time for the RCN to re-join the ICN and be part of the exciting post COVID future.

For me it will be completely unacceptable if the nation where the modern nursing was born is not represented at the ICN.

In difficult times the best way to act is UNITED.

Let’s ROAR.

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