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Collective Voice, Big Influence - Vanessa Anthony

As an RCN student member and aspirant nurse I have an invested interest in what the nursing profession will look like not only when I qualify, but in years to come.

Our professional standards are based on evidence and best practice to gold standard level in the UK. However best practice does not stop there. Collaboration with our international counterparts exchanging proficiencies and learning from each other is vital.

Aside from the pandemic UK nurses have spent years devalued due to pay, work conditions and misconceptions of the nursing role. Nurses spend a vast amount of time with patients compared to other healthcare professionals and if they do not feel empowered then how can they empower patients in the care they receive? That close contact with patients should enable nurses to influence policy on what equitable inclusive healthcare should look like.

If there is a time for international collaboration it's now. The best worldwide nursing skills will be required to overcome the long term effects of the pandemic. This can only be achieved with the RCN rejoining the ICN to ensure nurses are supported to provide the best possible outcomes for patients.

Vanessa Anthony - Final Year Adult Nursing Student, RCN Student Committee (London Region), RCN Feminist Network, GPNSNN and BAME GPN Ambassador and Shuri Network Member.

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