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At a time of division, let nursing be a vision of unity – Dr Stephen McKeever

If you are a nurse working in the United Kingdom, you are lucky! With repercussions of austerity, chronic NHS under funding and low staff, it might not seem like it, but you ARE lucky. You have access to a union that strives to represent nursing professional interests. You are registered with a professional body that aims to protect the public from substandard nursing practice. And when you go to wash your hands, water comes out of the tap that is suitable to fill a drinking bottle.

Around the world many of our fellow nurses do not have these luxuries. Support and guidance can be scarce. A reduced access to education, training, books and articles can lead to practice that is not up to date. Let alone be equipped to answer their own clinical questions through research or critical inquiry.

As a nurse in one of the lucky countries it is reasonable to ask that we contribute to help our nursing brothers and sisters. At a time of division, let nursing be a vision of unity. Per RCN member, contributing to this global society can be a very small amount. But can have a significant impact on our worldwide nursing profession. When you next fill up your water bottle or wash your hands remember how lucky you are.

Dr Stephen McKeever is a Senior Lecturer in Children’s Nursing

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